August 29/2004

Added 1 new pin-up to the ARTWORK section! This is my version of a "vs."-style crossover between 2 cinematic legends!

July 31/2004

Added 3 new comic pages! This is a sample Magnus Robot Fighter sequence I created to add to my portfolio. Click on the Portfolio Samples link or go to the ONLINE COMICS section!

June 14/2004

Added new comic pages! Even though I'm not in the competition, I'm doing the assignments from Comic Book Idol II, and will probably create some other sample pages to add to my portfolio.

Click on the Portfolio Samples link or go to the ONLINE COMICS section!

May 20/2004

The Veil #1 now available to read online! Check it out in the ONLINE COMICS section!


September 29/2003

The Veil #2 is finished and has been released to the public! Whoo-hoo!

The Veil #1 will be available to read online at - coming soon!

August 21/2003

It's been a long time since I updated! On May 3/2003, we participated in Free Comic Book Day 2003 on the local level; we photocopied our latest comic, The Veil #1 (8 pages, +cover), and gave out 150 free copies at 3 stores here in the city!

We also released another comic that's been a long time in the works, Cain #0!
(11 pages, +cover)

November 16/2002

Ghostdancer chapter 6 is finally here!!!! This has been a long time coming, too long, really. I apologise, and thank all those who've patiently waited for the conclusion to this saga. It is a big 5 PAGES, which is 2 pages more than the previous chapters! Check it out in the ONLINE COMICS section, or click here to begin reading the latest chapter!

September 17/2002

1 new pic added to the artworks page. I've been working away on some paper (non-web) comics projects, like Cain #0 & RIOT Squad #8. But I am eager to do some more comics for the site... I will try to provide more content here in the future.

August 17/2002

4 new pics added to the artworks page! Been busy.... I've been doing some comics work, and not too many pin-ups or stuff that I can show on the site just yet. Sorry! I hope to do some more comics & sequentials for the site soon.

May 27/2002

3 new pics added to the artworks page! It's been awhile since I updated, sorry about that. Also added a new link to the Links page. Did you get your free comics on May 4? I did... FREE COMIC BOOK DAY was a great event!

March 24/2002

3 new pics added to the artworks page! New sketchcorner pic too! Updated the Links and Hangouts pages. With comixmatrix down & apparently gone forever, I had to remove those links. Also thirteenangels is down, so I will re-add the link to that when the site is back.

February 24/2002

Changed the Studio D Comics mailing list button on the Hangouts page, so that you ONLY need to enter your email address, not create a whole "ID" profile for Yahoo!™ Groups, to join. I didn't realise that Yahoo!™ was sending people to their "sign in to Yahoo!™ Groups" page after clicking on the "join this group" button. A bit of a hassle that you simply don't need to go through if you only want to get updates by email. Sorry. Or you can send an email to

February 11/2002

Modified the site layout: new frames, added some new graphics. The links to the Guestbook, StudioDcomics message and the studioDcomics Y!Group now open within this site's frame, incorporating it "within" the site. If there are any broken links or problems, contact me at . Plus some new art's been posted! 2 new pics in the artworks section, and in the sketchcorner. I also got a livejournal.

February 2/2002

Added a new link, to Comicon Newsarama. I find it to be areally great place to find out the latest news on the comics world, it's updated very frequently! Check it out in the Links section.

January 28/2002

Not much to report. Except Moka's Forest is back! Yaay! So I re-added her banner to the Links section of the site. I'll be adding some more artwork soon, in the next week or so.

January 6/2002

Welcome to your year, 2002! The "new site" is finally up! Not exactly, "new", just a new site host, so that means ad-free! Yay, no more stupid side-banner ads! New artwork has been added to the pin-ups section! I've really been trying hard to make this site more cross-browser friendly, but I've come to realize that with my meager web-design skills, I don't think it'll ever be fully Netscape friendly. Sorry! I'm working on it though. If you have any bugs to report, please let me know at . I will be looking at the frames issue as well... I was trying to avoid showing rollbar borders, but it may be too hard to view with smaller monitors if I don't. Again, send email if you have any comments/advice.

I've taken out some of the online comics, notably my Worlds of Adventure pages because they are already up at the site. I'm not sure if I will repost them here. The link to the Studio D Y!Group email list is now just a link to the site, no more automatic sign up. So click on it & look it over before you add your email.

From now on, the updates will be on this page, instead of brief info on the main page too. It makes more sense to have only 1 page with update info.

October 28/2001

Added a link to the Studio D message board forum @whatashock/EZBoard in the Hangouts section! Come on by & check out the comics creating communities!

Added a new link, & revised the Links page slightly.

Work on the new site is proceeding slowly... I'm redoing all the pages here, but the site there will still pretty much look like this one, with a few minor tweaks. At least the
Jet Li geo-ads are starting to show up. Is it just me or are those ad-boxes getting even longer??? Grrr. I hope to have the new ad-free site done in a few weeks.

October 19/2001

I've posted
3 new pin-up pics, 2 are from my contributions to the Weakcut jams. The other one is a pic I made to put up at my old site telling them to come here. For those that haven't seen it, I thought it'd be cool to share it here as well.

October 11/200

, is now on the air!! Whoo-hoo! Yep I bought a domain name. Right now, it will still be linked to this site, but eventually I will move into my new home. Sometime.  I mean, I just finished this site... I don't feel like making a whole NEW one from scratch just yet. But bookmark because that's where all the action's gonna be at. Eventually.

October 4/200

Still hammering out the site... got most of the content up, what meager amount of it there is (newstuff). On the drawing board, I'm working on pinups and single illos. Right now I'm doing the Heaven & Hell jam for
weakcut's jam. Also have an idea for another jam pic.

September 25/20

I've started working on the *New* Studio D site... here it is.. ta-daa!! Yup. Anway, got the basics down, just have to get the rest of the main pages done and I'll be able to post some more art.

July 30/20

Finally, pages 13-15 are up! Check them out in the Online Comics section... On the "paper comics" front,  I've done 6 pages (out of 11) of pencils for another project, a zero issue for a new character... I'm working on another project, which I've done 9 pages for and it's coming along slowly. Plus I just pencilled a page for a Sandman script written by Devotion for her art jam! It has Wonder Woman, Morpheus and Daniel in it! I signed up to pencil page 11, which can be viewed here. Will it get done? Who knows, I did my part, and the rest's not up to me. But it was pretty fun to do my part. Check out the link to other member's contributions to her Sandman story in the Hangouts section.

Just got back from Comic-Con international 2004! my first time there, it was awesome!

Finished penciling The Veil #4!

Currently I'm working on Veil #6 (haven't gotten the script for #5 yet) as well as working on sample pages to build my portfolio.

Free Comic Book Day was a GREAT SUCCESS! Let's hope it becomes a yearly event! Click on the banner for more info.