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What is Studio D? Well, it's basically just (me)Don, Dave & Eric. Studio D is the outlet I use to create and publish my own comics, and comics I collaborate on. My friend Dave and I have partnered on quite a few comics now, most notably our longest running series, RIOT Squad, of which 7 issues have been published. We're a small time operation here; we photocopy and staple the comics together ourselves when I have time to hike down to the local Monk copy shop.

The last couple of years I've also ventured into creating online comics. I've done pages for comic clubs on the net, and Dave and I are working together on a online comic series called Ghostdancer, which can be found at the Online Comics button to the left. The Links button will take you to a page with banners and links to sites I have contributed to also, such as whatashock.com .

This is version 2.0 of my site. For a long time, I've had a site up at msnhomepages. I created the site when I first got online, the ease of their pagebuilder made it fairly easy for a novice like me to create a website.This is still a pretty basic site, but I'll try to keep it interesting!

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