Here are some of the places I like to hang out on the net; message boards, Clubs, and sites that have my artwork/I've contributed to, etc. If you wanna find me I'm probably around some of these.

I also set up a mailing list so that you can add your email and get notification of the latest updates & Studio D news. Don't worry, I'd never divulge your email address to anyone. Just enter your email address in the box and click on the Y!Groups Join Now button below to be added to the Studio D Comics mailing list.

You can also sign my guestbook. it's quick, painless, and will give me an idea of who's out there. Get's lonely sometimes out here, you know.And what's cool is that the Guestbook is HTML capable! Add links, even picture links! (nothing too big though) So post away!

There's a Studio D messageboard set up at the board. Check it out for news & additional updates!
I've contributed quite a bit to this site: there are 4 Mystica intro page for "Mistress of the Gateway" club comic, and aside from the pages featured here, there are 3 pages in WOA #2 that haven't been posted here.
Weakcut's art jams... so cool. I have to thank jOHN the weakcut for getting me to do a lot more drawing because of these. He's a dude. Check out the site to see his & other contributors!
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