The Veil is the most recent comics series we've created. I'm really happy to work on this one because I have been able to participate in story development as well as the artwork.

Added a new Portfolio Samples section! These are my pages from the Comic Book Idol excecises, as well as any other sample pages I draw up to add to my portfolio. I hope to be adding to this section fairly regularly in the next few weeks.

Ghostdancer is an online comic I've done the most pages for, it's also a project that Dave & I completely own and work on ourselves. Dave writes, and as of page 7, he does the inking too. I pencil & letter the pages. 

I've also done comics pages for the site. I have pages in the Worlds of Adventure club comic (where members of the club add pages to the overall comic) as well as helping design & providing intro pages for the Mistress of the Gateway, a section devoted to creator-autonomous club comics.

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