R.I.O.T. Squad is an ongoing series written & created by Dave Muncaster, pencils & lettering by Don Lew. Inks by Dave.
So far, 7 issues of
RIOT Squad are available, with #8 being created. Each issue is between 19-25 pages, B&W, photocopied. Click on the cover thumbnails below and read 4 sample pages of each issue. And Dave was good enough to write the summeries of each issue as well.

Price per issue is
$2.00 each. Shipping cost is $2.00 for 1 issue, then $1.00 for each additional issue. To order, please contact:

Issue Five: R.I.O.T. squad’s latest mission continues…and so does their luck as things get bloody and seem to go from bad to worse!  The new Barrage shows that he’s more than just a fancy new suit as he lives up to his name against Monad and the Crusaders.  A strange new phase begins in the life of Monolith and the Crusaders lose one of their own!   Features a bonus profile of the Crusaders, a peek into the private life of a member of  R.I.O.T. squad and a flipbook ‘Issue 0’ with Miss Mercury from the Crusaders!  This one’s so packed that the staples may burst!
Issue One: Studio D introduces its premier superhero team: R.I.O.T. Squad!  However, this team doesn’t fight for truth or justice…more often than not they’re fighting against each other and missions are taken only to fulfill their motto of: “Anyone, Anywhere, Anything…for a price!”  In this collector’s issue, the team gives new meaning to the term “hostile takeover” and, proving Studio D gives more bang-for-your-buck, someone dies!  Includes two bonus pinups by Don Lew Jr.!
Issue Two: The team of R.I.O.T. Squad returns to its home base after the mishap of issue one…to face their mysterious director: Thadius!  He’s not too happy with them and take his displeasure out by hitting them where it hurts…their wallets!  Take a tour of the base, learn about the origin of Shikari and meet one of the other super-humans of R.I.O.T. Squad…but, you might not want to get too attached to him!
Issue Seven: Another issue stuffed full of excitement and questions!  Monolith struggles with the new form he’s evolved into…but is he losing to his animal side?  Could one of R.I.O.T. squad be a double agent? And when a new mission is undertaken, will it be successful or will R.I.O.T. squad be plunged into a life or death struggle?  All the answers can be found between the pages of R.I.O.T. squad!  Includes behind-the-scene artwork and a pin-up from Dwayne Ferguson!
Issue Four: Its an all out “Rumble in Russia” as the forces of R.I.O.T. Squad, Monad and The Crusaders clash in a titanic battle!  It’s a knockdown, drag-out bloody battle and during its pinnacle, Monolith is made an offer he just might not refuse.  Also featuring the return of an all-new redesigned member of R.I.O.T. Squad!  And if that wasn’t enough, included at no extra charge, a back-up story about everyone’s favorite telekinetic: Twist-out! Now, who says Studio D doesn’t take care of you?!
Issue Three: How much excitement can you stand!  Studio D delivers again with an issue loaded with so much action and intrigue you’ll wet your pants!  Included for your excitement: The fate of Sonic Speed!  A glimpse at Barrage’s recovery! A new mission! A new member joins!  The baddest villain this side of hell!  And if that wasn’t enough the introduction of a rival super-team that may prove R.I.O.T. Squad’s undoing!  What are you waiting for…get it now!
R.I.O.T. SQUAD created by & copyright 2001 David Muncaster. Artwork copyright 2001 Don Lew, jr. & David Muncaster. All characters copyright 2001 David Muncaster & Don Lew, jr.
Issue Six: The big city! On a new assignment, the R.I.O.T. Squad team is on the hunt for a former associate... but who's hunting them?  And what secret from Barrage's past is uncovered? Does it have anything to do with the power armors that are attacking them? In a bonus backup story,  old villains make a surprise appearance. This issue's backup story ties together plotlines from issues 1-5, and sets the stage for dire events to come!