Here's a brief sampling of some pin-up and single illustration work I've done over the last few years. I don't really do many pin-ups, because I try to focus my drawing time on getting comic pages done. But lately I've been trying to do some more single pics, and trying to improve my drawing. For posting on the web, many of the pics were drawn on 8.5 x 11" paper, pencils only, as the image size is smaller, and I can use the computer to clean up my light pencil linework.

Some of these pics were done for weakcut's art jam. He posts a topic to draw every Monday or so, and members from various clubs online post their interpretations. A banner to the Jam Gallery can be found in the Hangouts section.

Clicking on the thumbnails below opens a new viewing window.

nightcrawler lara jedi jedi colur Sith Pirate girl The Heel

The Real Story Sandman Spaceman superblues Spider-Man Star Trek heaven + hell

jetgirl angel beowulf Wolvie ad talon

Spider-Grrrl! AtalantA pinup Robo-portrait Hey Pretty Assassin Scene from childhood

Classic sci-fi...w./a goat.

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