Talon - pinup of a character from Lions Den Studios

pencils on 11 x 17" EON artboard

Bob Freeman, the head of Lions Den Studios, noticed that I liked to draw angels, so he asked me to do a pin-up of one of his "angel-like" characters, Talon. Is he an angel? I have no idea. All I know of the character is from a few sample images that were used as reference so I could draw him. There was slight differences in the pics that were shown to me, so I tried to go with what was there and interpret the rest. Bob has mentioned plans to publish an anthology comic soon. You may be able to find out more at www.lionsdenstudios.com

This was one of the 1st drawings I did on some EON art pages that I recently bought. They've been getting a lot of buzz, so I was eager to try them out, as I usually use Blueline Pro comic pages. The EON boards are thinner, but brighter white. Unfortunately, they're about 50% more expensive as well, so I don't think I'll switch over completely.

Currently, Dave is working on inking this pic ! We'll post the inked version as soon as it's complete.

*UPDATE* Dave has inked the pic! Click the fwd arrow to check it out!