Jam: Draw a blind date between any 2 Star Trek characters. My choice: Deanna Troi & Gorn.

pencils, on 8.5 x 11" paper.

hehe, this is just a fast little sketch I did up... yeah, we're really showing our nerdy side when we thought up this one. Oh yeah, it was Jaime who thought it up. But leading up to this was a tres-tres-nerdy series of talks about ST & other sci-fi tv/movies. Yup I'm totally into sci-fi stuff. I recently saw that documentary Trekkies, about, well, Trekkies. Amazing. Did you hear about the juror who wore her Starfleet uniform during the Whitewater trial? Yeah, that one involving that Clinton guy.

It was kinda touching how passionate she was about Starfleet & the ideals it upholds. Too bad Starfleet doesn't actually exist, lady! Sheesh. Awww, bless her heart anyway.
The pics I used for reference were really small, only about 1x1".. it was all I could get off the internet. I didn't want to spend hours looking for good pics of them. This is a pretty quick sketch. Instead of the Gorn, I was originally going to use that weird floating robot with no arms, heads or legs & a kinda cone-shaped top... I can't remember what it's called. It couldn't even talk, I don't think; just beep or something. But I couldn't find any pics or info on it. Notice the refernce to that Gorn episode where he fights Kirk & Kirk blasts him with a homemade bazooka. And Deanna's line is a take from a bad Brit "sex" comedy, "No Sex Please... we're British".