Spider-Man Cover art

Pencils, Rotring art pen, brush & ink on 11 x 17" Blueline Bristol board.

Spidey!! Yeah, I'm a big Spidey fan. I think it's been hardwired into my brain from watching those cheesy 60's cartoons (repeats, no, I'm not THAT old. Quite yet, anyway.) where there were 2 spidey adventures per 30 min. episode. All his classic villains made appearances. Not too long ago, the cartoon channel Teletoon started showing these cartoons again. Being so long since I'd seen them, I was eager & nostalgic, looking foreward to watching them again. Man, was that animation ever wooden & stiff! Holy, they are bad. But fun. It bugs me when people try to justify their love of something when it's really only NOSTALGIA that motivates a great part of that affection. Like how a guy in a rubber suit Godzilla can be better than state of the art effects, or saying G-Force was a brilliant cartoon. C'mon, the reason you loved that stuff was because you have fond memories as a kid. Just admit that already. And that's a good enough reason.

Well, that was a little rant. Back to the Spidey pic. This is a classic pose done a million times. Did I bring anything new to it? No. But I drew this without any pose reference, I just had his costume so I knew where/how to do the webbing, etc. And I wanted to take my stab at this clasic pose. This pic was also supposed to be a cover for a Spidey comic Dave & I were/are working on. I dunno, though.