Space Pic

pencils, pigma marker, sharpie marker on 8.5 x 11" printer paper.

This pic was done for Dave because I wanted to try something different. We've done a lot of comic pages together; him scripting and inking, me pencilling, sometimes inking too. I thought it'd be cool to do some single page illos for his prose short stories, then collecting them together in a single volume & printing off some copies to sell, hand out @cons, whatever.

Unfortunately, a lot of his prose stories are in various states of completion. So at present, this pic is the sole companion to his prose works.

I drew this at 8.5 x 11" because I knew it was going to get shrunk down either when placed alongside the text of the story or online or wherever it was gonna end up. Yeah I love ridges. Hey, I think they make a lot of sense, especially in armor; they'd really reinforce the structure of each armor plate, don'tcha' think? I'd hoped to colour this pic too, but who knows, I suck at colouring...
Wanna read the story it goes along with? Check it out here.

Dave's a pretty good writer.