Action figure character - line art by don, colours by shady!

Sa-weeet!! I did this pic as part of a submission for an action figure. There's 2 other angles for this pose. The deadline was tight, but shady managed to colour this pic right away, so I was able to send it off along with the other submission pics. Great job on the colours, shady! I love your colouring, it's really coming along. Ok, I admit it. I really wanna collaborate with her sometime. She is an awesome artist & colourist. It's in the back of my mind. I want to make sure the time is right & I can really devote to the project.

I didn't end up getting an action fig made of this gal. Oh well. But she's prominant in a comic I want to work on & am developing along with others. I know somewhere down the line she'll show up.