Page 11 pencils for Devotion's Sandman Story
pencils (5H, 2H, mechanical) on 11 x 17" Blueline bristol art board. Lettering done in Adobe™ Illustrator & Photoshop.
Pretty cool assignment... devotion left a link to her script asking for people to sign up to draw a page or 2. There were some responses @the wizard messageboards, and a couple other people did pages too... hmmm, did devotion herself even do her pages?? Not sure. Anyways, I saw page 11 was available, and it had both Morpheus & Wonder Woman on it... kewwll! A billion panels (ok, 10) and I was determined to draw them as scripted. I saw others who compromised and did less panels, but sometimes you have to trust the writer & do it as they requested. That is, as long as you can trust their abilities. If so, then they deserve an amount of  respect, as long as they're showing you the same. I really needed a break from the other pages I was working on at the time I did this, and it was so quick, I signed up & the next day I was done. Move on! I thought I might ink it too, but I don't feel like it now. Check out the rest of devotion's Sandman pages Here . And devotion's Y! profile is here. Finally, read the script Here .