Pencils (5H & 2H mechanical) on 8.8 x 11" printer paper.

The Real Story: Morn Hyland & Angus Thermopyle

This pic was another weakcut jam entry: "draw a scene from a book, preferrebly one that hasn't been visualized." I had just seen Hannibal and was kinda jazzed to draw a scene from the book which I was also reading at the time. But I really wanted to stay faithful to the idea of doing something that hadn't been made a movie. So I went with this: The Real Story, written by Stephen R. Donaldson. It's a sci-fi novel focusing on 3 characters, and how what you see isn't always what's going on.


Here's an excerpt from the book, page4:

For them, the story was basically simple.

It began when Morn Hyland came into Mallorys with Angus Thermopyle.

Those two called attention to themselves because they obviously didn't belong together. Except for her ill-fitting and outdated shipsuit, which she must have scrounged from someone else's locker, she was gorgeous, with a body that made drunks groan in lost yearning and a pale, delicate beauty of face that twisted dreamers' hearts. In contrast, he was dark and disreputable, probably the most disreputable man who still had docking rights at the station. His swarthy features were broad and stretched, a frog-face with stiff whiskers and streaks of grease. Between his powerful arms and scrawny legs, his middle bulged like a tire, inflated with bile and malice.