Pirate Girl

pencils (5H & mechanical) on 11 x 17 Blueline art board comic paper.

Another weakcut jam pic. His theme: pirates, of course. Hey, who doesn't love pirates? The idealized kind with the cool hats, "cap & ball" guns & buried treasure, I mean. Not the real-life, nasty, killing cutthroats that are really out there.

I took this opportunity to do a bit more cheescake, that's what really made it fun for me. I could've been more faithful to the jam parameters, but I've done that in the past, so I wanna have some fun sometimes too.

I should have drawn this pic on a NEW page of artboard. I have these pages where I've made aborted attempts at various drawings, comic pages, etc. and so these sheets are sitting around with a few pencil lines sketched across them. I wanted to recycle some of those, not only is this paper not that cheap, but it kinda keels like a redemption if I make good of a bad page. But what was there before was pencilled pretty heavy, and even though I erased vigorously before drawing this pic, there are still lines that show through a bit. I guess I shouldn't be such a cheapskate.