Pencils, Pigma marker, & Rotring art pen,

9 x 12" light bristol board.

This pic was one of the first I ever posted online. It was an entry for a club contest/jam and Nightcrawler was the subject. I drew this on some old bristol I had laying around, I never had much use for this paper, it's not really that good. And 9 x 12" are weird dimensions; not big enough to draw comic pages on, but too big to photocopy at 8.5 x 11". My scanner fits a size a bit larger than 8.5 x 11, so I decided to try to use this paper and see how it'd fit. Some of it got cut off, oh well.

Pretty cool to draw an established character, and I'd never drawn Nightcrawler before (or since). I liked it, it was fun.