Come Fly with Us!
pencils on 11 x 17" Blueline bristol board.
This pic of a jetgirl was made to put up at my old site to redirect them to this one... thought I'd share it here too. I had the basic idea of the character, but I was torn between 2 design styles: a Soyarama-like, sleek looking design, or a more mecha, robotic one. I think I was leaning towards the robotic one as I don't actually have any pics of Soyarama's... but from what I've seen of his stuff in the past, I'd say he was a strong influence. The helmet is very "Rocketeer"-ish... or at least comes from the same inspirations Dave Stevens (creator of The Rocketeer) used too: those 1940's serials. I consider this jetgirl another in my series of robo-gals started by the Mecha-angel pic that graces the site's entrance page. This is a bit of a follow-up to that. I want to do a series of mecha-gals pinups along these lines.
I don't know who that doofus is with the comic pages.
Ppffff. My apologies for that last line. That kind of disingenuous modesty is almost a requirement for these online sketchbooks.

Don't you get a little sick of  it?