Showdown in Tomorrow - art by Jaime Munoz

This cool jam piece is yet another from the Weakcut jams... Jaime did terrific renditions of weakcut's & our characters; Giles (The Ghostdancer), Mystica - whom I created for the Mistress of the Gateway club comic - and The Heel... awesome combo. Mystica is the guardian of a mysterious set of inter-dimensional portals on some far away world. It makes a natural environment for these characters to meet up. Here's jaime's take on the pic, in his own words:

I don't really draw scantily clad, big breasted women too often and that's pretty much all that Don draws so it was fun to draw Mystica. A real break from the norm for me. Notice how awkward her shoulder looks. That's because her arms were in a different pose in the pencil version and I didn't do a good job of fixing it. Guns are also high on the "things I hardly ever draw" list but I was pretty pleased with how The Heel's guns turned out (I used Don's Heel drawing for reference). Ghostdancer's guns are REALLY hard to draw and I'm not too pleased with them. The overall perspective is also bad and the poses are pretty awkward but Don and John were still happy to see their characters together.

Go see Jaime's site - Fatmancomics for more.