The Liberation

pencils, on 11 x 17" Blueline Bristol board.

This pic is yet another done for the Weakcut jams. This subject? Heaven & Hell. Hmmf. Heaven & Hell seem to me like concepts too big to draw, or even portray properly in any media. The trick is to totally dumb it down, that's basically what Todd Mcfarlane did. He turned it into red ant vs. black ant. Sheesh.

My original idea was pretty different than this one. Actually, I thought of this basic idea & another which I was gonna go with. It involved a kitty cat... I tried to make it work, but it wasn't happening. So I went with this one. There were a few thing s I was trying out on this pic. I really wanted to work on my male anatomy. I've been doing a lot of cheesecake gals, because I don't get a chance to to that, and I need to work on it. But I also need to figure out how to draw big beefy guys too... I was somewhat inspired by the fantasy paintings of Frazetta or Boris Vallejo, that kind of thing in general. The gender war aspect I hadn't planned on at all, but it seemed cool. No big statements about how evil guys are or divine females. I don't think Heaven & Hell look like this at all. This is more like a Melrose Place Heaven & Hell, or something fitting Xena & Hercules.

But what if this *IS* what Heaven & Hell are like. How scary would THAT be?!