AtalantA Pinup

8.5 x 11 pencils on printer paper.

This is a pinup done for Hoodlum Press of their title character, AtalantA. I've known the co-creator of AtalantA & Hoodlum Press, Gary, quite a while, as he was one of the founding members of one of the first decent Yahoo™ Clubs I was in, the Original Comic Creators Club. He also created J.A.Q., the title character of the O.C.C.C's club comic WORLDS OF ADVENTURE. He's been on & off in the online community for a few years, but after an extended absence, he came back with a really kick-ass site & comic, frankly. AtalantA really blew me away. It is a really well-designed comic, and with his brother writing, goes a step beyond the traditional "super-heroes" genre.

It surprised me that AtalantA would tackle the issues of domestic violence, and violence against women. It's a daring move to explore this angle. When I saw the site & read the comic online, I offered to contribute a picture to his gallery section, because I was so impressed.

For my pic, I wanted to try to sum up that theme, as well as draw a cool shot of AtalantA, as of this writing, we have yet to see her in her full costume in the comic. When I came up with this layout, I drew it originally at 11 x 17"... but the pic turned out awful. I didn't have a good handle on AtalantA's costume, my anatomy was terrible... it was a mess. I drew this one smaller, and maybe I took less chances, and went with a simple look, but I like how it turned out. I also decided to try out my digi-inking techniques, scanning it from pencils and "inking" it using Photoshop. The line work still comes out a bit rough, and I posted the original pencil drawing below to compare.